Web Site Design & Development

The staff at Itanji, L.L.C. have over ten years of experience with web site design and development in the Seattle and Tacoma, WA areas. Whether you are in need of a “brochure” web site, database-driven web site or a whole Content Management System, Itanji, L.L.C. can facilitate your needs.

We design our files in Adobe PhotoShop or Fireworks with a keene eye for user experience. Our primary goal with any web site design is to make it usable first and make it pretty, second. You can see some of the companies that we have provided useful and aesthetic web site design to in the Samples page.

We provide many different development options for your web site. We can provide a very basic, static HTML site that can be updated through at WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, like Adobe Dreamweaver. We can also offer up solutions that are more dynamic in nature, utilizing the power of a database and server-side technology like ASP.net or PHP to carry out more dynamic features of your web presence. Itanji, L.L.C. also has many options for deploying a Content Management Solution for your web site, so that many people can manage your site’s content through a statdard Internet browser.